frequently Asked questions


Here are some of the more common questions we receive at Mount Airy Plumbing Pros. Please feel free to use our contact form below if you have a specific need or inquiry you don’t see listed.

Yes, we provide a 30-day warranty on all of our work.

We can provide a remote estimate based on a short interview but do ask for a $70 fee for in-person quotes.

If you start to smell gas, open your windows, exit your home, and call your local emergency/fire number.

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Winters are cold, we know! We have specialized equipment to thaw pipes. Please do not use an open flame or torch to try and do this on your own. That may lead to more problems.

Be sure you know where your main shut-off to the water supply is around your property. Otherwise, turn off the closest shut-off valve and call our team.

There could be several things happening to cause you not to have enough hot water. Indeed, a larger heater or more efficient system is an option, but you may want us to check the entire system to ensure everything is operating correctly – especially if you live in an older building.


Always Available

24 Hour Plumbing Emergency Service Available

Don't hesitate to reach out with Plumbing Emergencies, any questions or comments

The Mount Airy Guarantee

We offer a variety of cost-effective solutions for all our clients and use the highest quality parts to ensure the best plumbing outcomes. Our team guarantees customer satisfaction with every project and offers a 30-day warranty on all our work to ensure your peace of mind.

You are welcome to schedule a free remote interview quote based on your questions and answers or an in-person quote starting at $70. 

Of course, the more we can physically see the situation, the more accurate our quote. The benefit of being in business for so long means we typically know what plumbing services you will need by our licensed plumber team.